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| Our Story |

A lifetime in the church and as children of a clergy couple, made it possible to witness firsthand that ministry is both a blessing and a burden.  

We've watched friends and family fall under the weight of this unique work and at times we too, were leaders losing hope.

We've been the victims of overworked and underpaid.

Some days our own dreams were

unseen or at the very least, unsung.

Over time, we've grown in our understanding of God's goodness towards us

and have been celebrating his desires for us; flourishing.

The best part? That a piece of flourishing is having fun

Since 2020 we've been sharing in and celebrating with ministry professionals in more than eight states and across 5 denominations.

Here's what were shouting:

We're better together | Every pastor is a person | Celebration brings joy and joy brings strength | Reclaim the Mundane | Don't deserve it? God still desires it

Image by Mohamed Nohassi


We exist to sustain creativity and compassion among ministry professionals.

God created humanity a reflection of himself

...with a capacity to create

...and to care/have compassion

...and called us "good."



Our time and energy is focused on 

developing creative resources

and experiences that aid you in

diversifying your personal renewal practices.

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