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Personal Renewal Planning Sessions by Collective Renewal Resource

Personal Renewal Planning

An interactive session designed to help you think more deeply and intentionally about what helps you live and lead most authentically. You'll engage a multi-step process to prompt, prepare, and plan for your renewal with access to digital planning tools and incentives for your follow through.

Retreats led by Collective Renewal Resource


Experiential Neighboring Retreats: Immersive learning Opportunities for Missional Engagment


Reclaiming Your Life: Doing things you love so you'll love what you do

Silence Speaks: A day retreat for exploring silence in nature and disciplines

Resource Development facilitated by Collective Renewal Resource

Resource Development

Sometimes we need fresh content ,but often we need fresh formatting. We've helped create digital learning courses, conversational training guides, immersive learning experiences and more.

We're happy to explore together how an intentional process makes room for leaders to be people.

Creative Consultation provided by Collective Renewal Resource

Creative Consultation

Looking for someone to dream up or dig in on your ideas for health, wellbeing, and renewal? Whether it's for you or for your team, this session is an open dialogue opportunity. Ideal for:

  • Event Brainstorming 

  • Hobby Exploration

  • Policy and Procedure Restructure

  • TeamBuilding

  • Fundraising for Renewal Purposes

Event Speakers provided by Collective Renewal Resource

Event Speakers

Some of our most popular topics:


  • Unpacking your theology of work 

  • Developing a theology of play

  • How to keep your congregation from killing you

  • Laughing & Lasting in Ministry

Facilitation and Capacity Building by Collective Renewal Resource

Facilitation & Capacity Building

For individuals and organizations that desire external insight, renewal audits, staff support, consensus building and action planning.

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