Life after Loss | GA Day Retreat
An interactive retreat to help you find your place and process your pain after loss. Link to themes, date, details, & Registration.
Day Retreat | Open Enrollment
A day retreat for reflections, readings, and guided meditation.

Lunch and Materials Provided. Inquire about next scheduled date.
For The Future | Church Leaders
This retreat is designed to unite seasoned Church leaders with young, emerging leaders to collaborate for the future of effective ministry. Guest Speaker: Steve Saccone Inquire about upcoming dates.
Reclaiming Your Life | Pastors
A 3 day interactive retreat to do things that you love so that you can love what you do, again.

Enjoy the atmosphere, hobbies, and fun along with reflection and scripture to refuel. Inquire about upcoming dates.
Life After Loss| NC Locals
An interactive day retreat for those who have suffered the death of a loved one. See link for current date and details.
Leader Luncheon | Customized
A localized luncheon for pastors to enjoy a delicious meal, a few moments of solitude, support, and prayer before heading back to the business of the day. This is a free gift to local Christian leaders and is available on first come, first serve basis.

*Contact us to inquire about hosting a local luncheon in your community.
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