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Life After Loss|A retreat to rediscover your place and process your pain

210 Twin Rivers Resort Demorest, GA

Max. Capacity: 24 Singles/ 48 Doubles



THE STORY:            

Exhausted.  That’s what’s been hanging over you. Emotional exhaustion. Anger. Confusion. Anxiety. Hate. Sadness. Depression. Some have even named it denial.

Whatever “it” is, it has been weighing you down: Maybe for a month, maybe for years.

Some days you see it clearer than others, but every day you bear the weight and the scar of the loss that set you on this course of looking for life again. 

Life where you can reaffirm who you are, and how you operate.

Life where you can laugh and love with freedom from guilt.

Life that reconnects us with the community we long for in our alone-ness.


The Truth is, that life is really hard after loss because so much of our life is lived in the context of our relationship to others.


How is it possible to move from the ABSENCE of a life, to the ABUNDANCE of life that Christ came to give?


Life After Loss is an interactive retreat designed to help you explore themes of identity, guilt, and isolation by engaging scriptures, community, and insights to help you process your pain.


Who Should Attend?

This retreat is designed for individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one, whether recent or distant past. While it is open to anyone of the Christian faith, priority will be given to those who serve in various aspects of Christian leadership.  All registrants must be 18 years of age or older and be willing to engage in an interactive experience for personal and group benefit.








What Happens at The Retreats?

Approximately 30 individuals and 3 facilitators will journey with you in a three-part spiritual formation process. Together, we will engage in large and small-group dialogues focused on relevant texts and questions, experience silence, solitude, and journaling for reflection, and tell stories from our own lives. This will create a shared process of exploring the intersection of our experience and our engagement in the world.




Exploring Identity in the midst of Adversity

Building Relevant and Life-Giving Relationships

Letting God Guide your Guilt



Twin Rivers Resort in Demorest, GA is located on a beautiful wooded 25 acres between the Soque and Chattahochee Rivers in North Georgia.  Participants are housed in cabins with up to 4 individuals/couples, fully stocked, and equipped with fireplaces and spa tubs. Please indicate a preferences for accommodations upon registration. Additional fees may apply depending on the level of the request.


Cost: $199 all-inclusive for tuition, materials, room and board.  The full cost for this retreat is $350, however generous support from Twin Rivers Resort and Renewal Liturgy has allowed us to underwrite this retreat.


For More information or questions, please

contact Erin at 706.219.2857 Ext. 105.

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