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A glimpse into some of our projects and ministry processes.

Please inquire for further details and our larger portfolio, or schedule a session to discuss and discern next steps together. 



Supper with Strangers

Supper with Strangers is an exclusive, 2.5 hour dinner experience that seats Christian ministry professionals around the supper table with up to 10 other leaders, including a Guest Guru! The ambiance of creativity and connection is set in unusual dinner locations (think theaters, museums, rooftops, and landmarks!)

Currently: All in one annual hosting kits 


Holy Hobbies

The Holy Hobbies project is connecting ministry professionals together to transition hobbies into life-giving experiences with the Holy. We’re identifying hobby “hosts” willing to facilitate peer-led activities with other leaders looking for connection to learn or deepen fun methods and spaces to experience grace.



Missional Collective 

A community of individuals shifting the relief work of churches  to empowerment models that strengthen an entire community.  Currently: Annual Retreat series and Digital Learning Platform.


Practicing Partnership

An Experiential guide for pastors and lay leaders in UMC churches. Designed to encourage and equip Lay Leaders & Clergy for enhanced partnership in ministry by providing a pathway for mutual learning, communication, and evaluation.

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